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Coaching Sessions

Live your best story

Kathryn is a certified transformational coach, passionate about empowering women to live their best stories through career, confidence, and life coaching. Kathryn coaches women across the globe, helping them to increase their awareness, develop new perspectives and possibilities, realise their potential, and make decisions to take action with confidence.

Sessions with Kathryn are an investment in yourself and your future and her prices are reflective of the value that she brings.

See below for the different options available. 

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What is coaching and why should I consider it with you?

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Coaching with me is about empowering you to take the action that you decide on so you can live your best story. 

It is of course confidential and I will provide you with a non-judgemental, non-advisory space for you to really think so you can gain clarity about what you want. Clients often say to me how refreshing it is to speak to someone who has no idea who they are and who has no expectations of them.  

We start with your desired outcome or change you are looking for. This may be as simple as working out what you want to do with your time to live your best story now you're a mum. Perhaps you are due to return to work after becoming a mum and would like to work on your confidence. It could be that you are a busy working mum wondering if you should make a change. It could be that you're struggling with your new identity as a mum and need to explore what your next chapter looks like and how you can feel like 'you' again. Or, it may be that you have a dream career or life goal that you would like to work towards but you’re lacking the confidence to start.  

We may then explore your reality, your personal beliefs, and your values to understand how they are impacting your life and decisions now and how they may impact your future in a positive way. We will look at the barriers and obstacles that have stopped you so far and see how we can overcome these. 

The process we will go through aims to open up new possibilities and I may challenge your thinking to get here. I aim to do this in an inspiring and empathic way. 

I will then support you in deciding on and taking the steps you need to take. We will look at the knowledge and resources you already have or would like to obtain to support you. If it's useful to you, we may brainstorm and role-play.

To find out if you think I would be a good fit for you, you can call me for an informal chat or book an initial free, no-obligation consultation. You can also read about me here or read what some of my lovely clients have to say here.

Coaching Options

Free Consultation

Complimentary 20 minute call

Effective coaching is based on the foundation of good 'chemistry' between the coach and the coachee. 

This session is to find out more about how coaching could help you and decide whether coaching with Kathryn is right for you. 

Please contact Kathryn for an informal chat or a complimentary consultation. 

Coaching Session

£75 per hour session

If you are after coaching for a specific element of your life, one or two one-hour sessions may be enough to give you the clarity and allow you to make your decisions and take action with confidence.

Career Design Coaching Package

£65 per hour session, minimum of 4 sessions

Each package is tailored to you and your specific needs in relation to your career, your fulfilment and your balance with life. Typically, we will follow a 3 step process:

1. Re-discover you- identifying what matters to you most, your reality, what change you're looking for, and what's stopped you so far. 

2. Your 'best story' - uncovering new possibilities for you to live your best story in terms of your career and how it fits into your overall life. 

3. Deciding on and taking action with confidence. ​

Life Design Coaching Package

£65 per hour session, minimum of 4 sessions

This follows a similar process to the Career Coaching Package, looking at your whole life holistically. This may include looking at your life in relation to feeling more fulfilled or balanced, creating more joy, relocating/moving house, improving your health/wellness, organising or improving your finances, or managing or improving relationships with family/partner/friends.

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