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Client Reviews

If you are looking for a coach, speak to Kathryn! I cannot recommend her enough. She is empowering, compassionate and wise. She has helped me believe in myself and my
projects and owning my path
. Thank you so much for everything. Working with you has been transformational beyond belief.


Kathryn’s self-discovery workshop was absolutely fantastic! It gave a safe and welcoming space to really focus on what is important to me and how my values have changed since becoming a mum. She guided us all through a process that was actually much more personal and profound than I was expecting.

The environment Kathryn created was warm, supportive and productive, she has extensive knowledge of techniques and strategies that helped each of us find clarity. I found her to be empathetic, wise and exceptionally good at helping me reach the next step in terms of moving forward. After the workshop I finally took action and have just begun studying for a higher national diploma, working towards a career that makes me feel genuinely excited about the future.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Jennie R

Having left a senior role in the fashion industry to focus on raising my two
children, the 15-year break from the professional world had left me unclear on
what was next for me. Working with Kathryn’s coaching has helped me to explore my options and to rediscover where my passions lie with freedom and without preconceptions or prejudice. Kathryn’s calming yet assured approach has given me a renewed confidence and focus.

Laura Redgate

I would highly recommend Kathryn as a career and life coach. She quickly understands your situation and seems to naturally organise your thoughts, which are often all over the place to start with! Kathryn is an attentive listener and asks pertinent questions to get you thinking. I particularly like Kathryn’s action-orientated style meaning that things actually happen – it’s not just all talk! She helps to uncover different possibilities before guiding you in refining your ideas/pathway. Give it a go…you won’t regret it!

Lindsey Bunn

I had 3 sessions with Kathryn and can't believe how much my life has improved already. Trying to emphasize a few of her superpowers briefly I would say about how present and available she was at the sessions and how deep she was listening to me, bringing us to this great flow of exploration with powerful questions that lead me to the answers I was looking for. All with so much grace and lightness. I'm more than thankful for having had this opportunity!

Lali Rafik

Kathryn is a very calm and kind coach. I was given plenty of space to explore the
issues of my choice and her spot-on reflecting and powerful questions helped me to untangle my thoughts so that I wasn’t caught up in my story and the confusion of my own thoughts. I was able to explore some of the recurring issues and see them clearly which in turn enabled me to move forward.

Linda Farnden

“Having recently completed a series of coaching sessions with Kathryn, I have experienced a greater understanding of my own relationship with work. This was achieved through analysing previous employment experiences, undertaking tests to understand my own values, and also identifying common themes across my professional career. Inadvertently, this resulted in a greater understanding of my own working style, which has had a profound improvement on how I conduct myself today, in addition to ensuring I work in a sustainable fashion; easier said than done due to the fast-paced city culture. Amalgamating these learnings has resulted in the division of a strategy to secure employment that is meaningful, progressive and engaging. Consequently, since my final session, I have secured an interview in a field that I view myself to be in for the long term. This was not within my periphery prior to the coaching sessions with Kathryn.

I would highly recommend coaching sessions with Kathryn if you are at a stage within your professional career to pivot, progress or even reflect upon your time in the working world. She is authentic in her passion for helping you develop and conducts herself in an intelligent, humorous and optimistic manner.”

Sam Lam

Kathryn helped me to fully understand what my key areas of concern were. The sessions passed so quickly but were very rewarding. I was so impressed with Kathryn's professional but approachable attitude and can recommend her highly.

Sue Lau

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