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Kathryn is a certified coach with an ICF-accredited diploma in transformational coaching and a certificate in positive psychology. Kathryn also freelances for Henley Business School, facilitating their Personal Development Workshops for their Senior Leadership Apprenticeship Programme for Future Leaders.

Passionate about empowering women to craft a career and life they love, Kathryn coaches women across the globe, helping them to increase their awareness, develop new possibilities, realise their potential, and make decisions to take action with confidence.

Own your path and create a career and life you love with the support of Kathryn. Find out more. 

Kathryn is an engaging facilitator and certified coach who offers Personal Development and Coaching workshop facilitation for University, Business School, and Corporate programmes. 

Kathryn currently facilitates Personal Development Workshops for Henley Business School's Senior Leadership Apprenticeship Program for Future Leaders. 

Join us for an inspiring morning of self-discovery at a workshop specifically designed for mums.

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