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Studying at Home

Identifying your strengths

There are many resources available to help you identify your natural strengths. One great starting point is using psychometric testing. Here are a couple of links to tests that are currently available to individuals for free of charge.

PrinciplesYou was built to help people learn what they are really like. Its creators include Ray Dalio, entrepreneur and investor who grew Bridgewater Associates from his two-bedroom apartment to the fifth most important private company in the US, and expert psychologists Dr. Adam Grant, Dr. Brian Little, and Dr. John Golden. The test brings together their diverse expertise, combining best-in-class assessment frameworks, leading personality science, and practical and proven insights from decades of business experience. ​

NERIS Type Explorer®

This test uses the acronym format introduced by Myers-Briggs for its simplicity and convenience, with an extra letter to accommodate five rather than four scales. However, unlike Myers-Briggs or other theories based on the Jungian model, they have not incorporated Jungian concepts such as cognitive functions, or their prioritization. They have chosen to rework and rebalance the dimensions of personality called the Big Five personality traits, a model that dominates modern psychological and social research. The personality types are based on five independent spectrums, with all letters in the type code (e.g. INFJ-A) referring to one of the two sides of the corresponding spectrum.

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